BK Plastics is the Florida leader in Plastic Thermoforming (Vacuum Forming).

June 14, 2024
Our Vacuum Forming Manufacturing Buildings

BK Plastics has been a leader in heavy gauge thermoforming. We offer complete service to our customers. From concept to completion our skilled personnel and engineers work as a team to develop products for a variety of market areas such as: medical, electronic, POP, automotive, marine, transportation, packaging, RV, and other industrial areas. Whether providing prototypes or production, BK Plastics will produce exactly the part or product you need with precision and superior quality.

Design / Prototyping

Innovative approaches launched by years of experience eliminates costly delays. After evaluating your product specifications, we can best determine whether to build a prototype or go directly into production, saving you time and money. Our engineers assist our OEM partners with value added design and employ the latest in technology using Solid Works CAD/CAM.Our Vacuum Forming Manufacturing Buildings

Tooling / Engineering

Our skilled craftsmen build tooling to fit your requirements and budget utilizing either wood, Ren board, epoxy or aluminum. We design and build our molds in house, which keeps your project on schedule. Our tool shop not only has the latest in Solid works and CNC equipment, but each of our machinists has over 22 years’ hands on experience in building tools. We keep and maintain all of our tooling on site waiting for your production requirements.


Our state of the art thermoforming machinery can handle a wide range of products, from shallow vacuum formed parts to deep drawn parts (over 28” depth) and from thin gauge (.028” thick up to .500” thick). Our forming machines will accommodate sheets up to 54” X 108”. All of our molding machines are capable of producing pressure formed parts with the most intricate detail.

Our Vacuum Forming Manufacturing Buildings


With seven CNC machining centers, up to 50” X 101”, we assure fast, accurate trimming. All trim fixtures are given the same design and engineering as our molds and are all made in house, so the part you order in the future is exactly like the one you specify today.


BK Plastics offers value added services which makes it possible to deliver products in the most complete condition. Some of these services include